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Year 2022

The Sekkiou Architects Office was founded 24 years ago in Nyon in French-speaking Switzerland in 1994 by Karim Sekkiou architect HES / ETS

Our team is composed of:

1 4th year apprentices / work supervision and experience
1 apprentice / french speaking portuguese and spanish
1 draftsman / director of works / French and Italian speaking
1 architect HES / ETS draftsman / French and Italian speaker
1 architect HES / ETS draftsman-director of works / French and English speaking

The office is equipped with 4 computer systems type - Macintosh Imac, including ARCHICAD 25

Core competences of the office include expertise in minergie (a Swiss label for eco-construction), restoration & transformation of family homes, apartment blocks, commercial and local administrative buildings and surveys. Each project is developed from conception, through each construction stage, and ends once the finishing touches are in place and the relative permit issued

Our clients vary between individuals, families, local companies, commercial bodies, Swiss multinationals, French national companies and municipal authorities. Importantly, we have continued to find over time that our clients return and work with us again and/or recomend us to others.  

The fees of our architectural firm depend on three factors: complexity of the operation; size of the project; and the type of project.  The invoicing can be arranged in different ways: 

1 Fixed cost for the whole project
2 Costings according to the percentage of work undertaken
3 Hourly or daily rate basis

Quotes from Bureau Sekkiou Architectes typically include the architectural concept, direct professional advice and an economic & realization strategy for the project

Where to start?  Questions? Give us a call on 022 361 73 51 (sekkiou.architecte@bluewin.ch)

Our offices are located in the old town of Nyon, Switzerland:

Electric car of the office


My office, Bureau Sekkiou Architectes is at your disposal to establish a preliminary draft, as well as a financial approach based on a price with m3, by taking account of:

- your budget

- your tastes and desires

- your practices of life

- your evolutionary marital status

- the position and intrinsic specificities of your plot

- urban characteristics and communal regulations 

Exemple: your house budget is: 1’000’000.00
Architect fees: 15% = 150’000.00

Services according to the following distribution:

1. phase of preliminary draft development of financing, and the wishes of the constituent : 9% / fees 13’500.00

2. phase of the project development of the plans, requests for building permit, establishment of an estimate: 23.5% / fees 35’250.00

3. production run establishment of the final plans of execution and construction of the object: 63% / fees 94’500.00

4. final stage deducts invoices, work of warranty, final acceptance of the work: 4% / fees 6’000.00

Total :  100% / fees 150’000.00

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  • Individual Houses
  • Extensions
  • Ecological constructions
  • Apartment buildings
  • Renovations
  • Roof elevations
  • Home automation
  • Offices
  • Lift specialist
  • Survey specialist
  • Eco label "Minergie" partner
  • Wooden construction
  • Buildings
  • Houses
  • Wooden chalets
  • English / French
  • Building Minergie
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Interior design
  • Interior / exterior swimming pools
  • Gym and sports
  • Purchase and mortgage advice
  • Buildings adapted for the handicapped
  • Master Villa
  • Ecology passivehouses
  • Listed Buildings
  • cafeteria (restaurant).
  • Medical and dental office
  • Easy construction
  • Wooden construction
  • Cleanroom
  • shell building renovation
  • complete energy-related renovation
  • High Standards - Lux
  • Energy renovation of buildings
  • specialized in the arrangement of surfaces of all kinds, in particular those of offices


  Bureau Sekkiou Architectes
Chemin de la Crétaux 4
1196 Gland
Tel: +41 22 361 73 51
Nat: +79 457 16 29